In an interesting interview for Global Health Now (GHN), Carel IJsselmuiden and James Lavery share their view on "how the RFI speaks to the need for organizations to reflect and take stock of any shortcomings". The RFI isn’t a report card that brands institutions as good or bad. It’s intended, instead, to provide a pathway to self-improvement—which is the essence of decolonization.


(Ref: Joanne Silberner for Global Health NOW)



Find out if you're a Colonizer or Decolonizer


The RFI Reporting Guide aims to make collaborations work better through decolonization. It is the only pragmatic mechanism that makes sure scientific partnerships are fair, especially with low- and middle-income countries.


Read entire story in Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health magazine publication.


Source: Research Fairness Initiative | April 2022 | e-Newsletter ISSUE 31


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