The R1HRDC Capacity Building Committee (CBC) launched its MEGA TRAINING PROGRAM which was primarily envisioned to enhance the capacity of R1HRDC to come up with better health researches which will strengthen the knowledge and delivery of health services pertaining to two (2) pressing health issues/concern identified in the region: Teenage Pregnancy and Mental Health. Also, it aimed to support the capability of researchers to conduct the whole cycle of research activity from inception to utilization of the intended beneficiaries of the results of the research activity. This program was divided into three (3) phases, whereby, the Phase 1, “Development of Research Proposals”, was conducted on December 17-18, 2018 at El Cielito Hotel, Baguio City and was participated in by 28 researchers in the region.



The two day activity focused on identifying similar and related topics pertaining to the two stated health issues, their direct and indirect causes, risk factors, clinical outcomes, effects on the family and community, economic burden, socio cultural impact, control and prevention, management/treatment, and rehabilitation. Speakers for this training/workshop were Dr. Marvin T. Munar, Dr. Roderico Ramos, Dr. Unity Cortez, Dr. Christine Aguilar and Dr. Ivy Palma. During this stage, the participants were encouraged to develop proposals in a collaborative approach between and among agencies. Through the leadership of the Chair, Dr. Unity Cortez, the CBC will come up with at least 10 proposals from each topic to be given to the participants.


The participants from the first phase are required also to participate on the next two phases which will be done this year. In order to do that, the CBC will come up with a Memorandum of Agreement before the second phase starts. This MOA will be between the researcher’s agency and the R1HRDC to agree and commit these researchers to finish the program and finish their research paper.


The phase 2 of this Mega Training Program will be the Coaching and Mentoring Stage whereby mentors will be provided to the researcher/s to guide them on the entire research process and for them to come with a better research outcomes. This mentorship program is one of the fruits of the benchmarking activity conducted by the R1HRDC Management Committee last year 2018 at Western Visayas HRDC.


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