A dynamic & responsive regional health research community working for the attainment of national and global health goals.



To generate and use knowledge, innovation, technology, products and services in promoting the health and well being of every Filipino by creating an ethical and enabling environment for health researches in Region 1.



The R1HRDC was established to link together health researchers and institutions to facilitate health research activities attuned to local and regional health needs. It shall also assists the PCHRD to establish mechanisms that would strengthen health research capabilities, and encourage resource sharing between and among institutions in Region 1.




The primary objective of the Region 1 Health Research and Development Consortium (R1HRDC) is to strengthen the system of collaboration in region 1 to develop and enhance capacity of institutions within the region engaged and which has interest in health research, as a strategy to improve the health conditions of its people.

Specifically, the consortium aims to:

  1. identify priority regional health problems for research;
  1. identify and implement priority research programs and projects targeting identified priority health problems;
  1. develop and/or enhance health research and development activities;
  1. establish a system of collaboration and resource sharing in undertaking health researches;
  1. generate resources for health-related researches consistent with the national and regional research agenda;
  1. develop capability in human resources, facilities and other infrastructure for health and nutrition researches;
  1. promote the utilization of health research findings;
  1. serve as clearinghouse for all health-related researches; and
  1. develop mechanisms and implement strategies to ensure long term viability of the R1HRDC