In order to help the Regional Ethics Monitoring Board 1 (REMB 1) on its advocacy to promote the importance of ethics in the field of health research, and to assist in the creation and improvement of the Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) of RECs for quality assurance, the Region 1 Health Research and Development Consortium (R1HRDC) thru the Research Ethics Committee (ERC) conducted the WORKSHOP ON STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES on October 9-10, 2019 at Hotel Le Duc, Dagupan City, Province of Pangasinan.
Dr. Salome N. Vios and Dr. Gemma Balein, both experts from the Philippine Health Research Ethics Board steered the two day workshop. They helped the participants identify the problems encountered on the development of SOPs and suggested solutions that are specifically applicable to the situation of each REC. One of the common mistakes identified in preparing SOPs is the lengthy and insertion of unnecessary details to the procedures, hence, the participants were taught to modify and simplify their unclear/vagueprocesses.
The members of the R1HRDC – ERC reiterated during the closing ceremonies that one of the requirements for REC Accreditation is a functional and consistent SOP, thus, the participants were encouraged to refine their whole SOPs as they go back to their institutions.