Call for Research Proposals

Calling the attention of all researchers!

The Region 1 Health Research and Development Consortium – Research Management Committee is now accepting capsule proposals for possible funding in line with the below listed research agenda.



  1. Responsive Health Systems
  2. Research to Enhance and Extend Healthy Lives
  3. Holistic Approaches to Health and Wellness
  4. Health Resiliency
  5. Global Competitiveness and Innovation in Health
  6. Research in Equity and Health



  1. Triple Burden of Disease
  2. Health of Vulnerable Populations
  3. Drug Discovery and Development
  4. Health Technology and Innovations
  5. Food Safety and Nutrition
  6. Health Governance and Policies
  7. Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
  8. Health Financing


Submit your proposals following the prescribed PCHRD Capsule Research Proposal Form until May 31, 2019.


For queries, kindly contact Ms. Ana Gay D. Ranga, R1HRDC Secretariat at 09778031747/ 09308817266 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..